CMUXE People

Justin Justin Freeman
Graduate student

Tel: (765)496-3851; 496-2851 (lab)
E mail:

Research topics

EUV lithography, Laser Produced Plasma sources, LIBS


BS ME (Univ. Rhode Island)


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  2. Diwakar P.K., Harilal S.S., Freeman J. and Hassanein A.(2013)
    Role of laser pre-pulse wavelength and inter-pulse delay on signal enhancement in collinear DP-LIBS
    Spectrochimica Acta B, 87, 43-50. PDF

  3. Harilal S.S., J. R. Freeman, P. Diwakar and A. Hassanein (2013)
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    CLEO Technical Digest, Art. No. CTu2H.8 PDF

  4. Freeman J., Harilal S.S., Sizyuk T., Hassanein A and Rice B (2012)
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  5. Freeman J., Harilal S.S., Hassanein A. and Rice B. (2013)
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  7. J. R. Freeman, S. S. Harilal, and A. Hassanein (2011)
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