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image Atsushi Sunahara
Visiting Professor

Tel: (765) 496-3852; Fax: (765) 496-2233
Purdue University, 500 Central Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


Dr. Sunahara has the background of computational plasma physics of laser-produced plasmas, and he has been investigated the inertial confinement fusion (ICF) and the extreme ultra-violet (EUV) light source for the lithography of next generation semi-conductor. Dr. Sunahara was a research fellow of the Japan Society of Promotion for the Science (JSPS) after he got Ph. D title from Osaka University, Japan. Dr. Sunahara stayed the laboratory for Laser energetics, University of Rochester, from 2000 to 2002 as a visiting research associate. There, he investigated the non-local electron thermal conduction in the implosion. After coming back to Japan, Dr. Sunahara has investigated the fast-ignition laser fusion in Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University. In parallel, Dr. Sunahara has investigated the dynamics of tin plasma and EUV emission from it for EUV light source in Institute for Laser Technology, Japan. Dr. Sunahara has developed radiation hydrodynamic codes including the laser-plasma physics, thermal conduction, radiation transport, equation of state, and laser propagation and absorption for ICF and EUV researches, and the molecular dynamics code with Langevin dynamics for the investigation of the first-wall problem of ICF reactor, Also, Dr. Sunahara was a visiting lecturer in Osaka University. In 2017, Dr. Sunahara came to Purdue University.


Ph.D.   in Engineering of electro-magnetic energy, (Osaka University, Japan)
M.S.   in Engineering of electro-magnetic energy, (Osaka University, Japan)

Research interests

Theory and simulation of high energy density physics; Inertial confinement fusion, Extreme Ultraviolet Light source; Laser-acceleration; Laser drive neutron source, Laser ablation; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Direct simulation Monte Carlo, Molecular dynamics with Langevin dynamics; Equation of state and atomic processes of materials; Nonlocal electron transport; Fokker-Planck equation.