CMUXE People

Nicole Nicole LaHaye
Graduate student

Tel: (765)496-3851; 496-1147 (lab)
E mail:

Research topics

Laser ablation, LA-ICP-MS, Nuclear Sensors


B.S. Physics


  1. LaHaye N.L., Harilal S.S., Diwakar P.K., Hassanein A., Kulkarni P. (2013)
    The effect of ultrafast laser wavelength on ablation properties and implications on sample introduction in inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
    Journal Applied Physics 114, Art. No. 023103. PDF

  2. Diwakar P.K., Harilal S.S., LaHaye N.L., Hassanein A., Kulkarni P. (2013)
    The influence of laser pulse duration and energy on ICP-MS signal intensity, elemental fractionation, and particle size distribution in NIR fs-LA-ICP-MS
    Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 28, 1420 PDF

  3. Harilal S.S., Miloshevsky G. V., Diwakar P.K., LaHaye N. L. and Hassanein A. (2012)
    Experimental & computational study of complex shockwave dynamics in laser ablation plumes in Ar atm
    Physics of Plasmas 19 Art. No.083504 PDF

  4. N. L. LaHaye, B. Verhoff, S. Harilal, and A. Hassanein (2011)
    “Crater Formation and Signal Intensity in Nano- and Femto-Second Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry” 2011 Abstracts IEEE ICOPS DOI 10.1109/PLASMA.2011.5993264