CMUXE People

Prasoon Prasoon Diwakar
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Phone: 765-494-6984 (o); Fax: 765-496-2233
E mail :
304A Potter Bldg, 500 Central Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


Dr. Diwakar has extensive background in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Laser-Ablation Inductively-Coupled-Plasma Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS), Spark-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (SIBS) and plasma spectroscopy. Before joining Purdue, he was a post-doctoral associate at NIOSH, Cincinnati.


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (University of Florida, Gainesville)
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (University of Florida, Gainesville)
B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

Research and academic interests

Laser-based Diagnostics, Plasma-particle interactions, Plasma Diagnostics, Plasma Spectroscopy, Aerosol Analysis and Instrumentation, Thermal Sciences, Combustion Diagnostics

Professional Service distinctions and awards

National Academy of Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
Elsevier/Spectrochimica Acta Atomic Spectroscopy Award Nominee (2007 and 2008)
Charles C Shepard Science Award Nominee for Outstanding Scientific Publication (2011)
IIT Kanpur Merit award
Member of OSA, SAS, American Association for Aerosol Research, NA-LIBS


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