CMUXE People

image Tatyana Sizyuk
Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Tel: (765) 494-4262; Fax: (765) 496-2233
E mail:
Purdue University, 400 Central Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


Experience in computer codes developing (FORTRAN and C), parallel programming (MPI), graphical post processing (MATLAB), graphical applications for multiplatform software (OpenGL, GLUT and GTK), PC cluster organization for parallel calculations, parallel simulations on computer clusters (350-node ANL Jazz cluster) and IBM BG/L and BG/P systems.


Ph.D. Physics (University of Rzeszˇw, Poland)
M.S. Applied Mathematics (Byelorussian State University, Belarus)

Research and academic interests  

Plasma-material interactions, Radiation damage in materials, Computational physics and hydrodynamics,  Laser and discharge produced plasmas, EUV lithography.