I. Ph.D-track graduate student positions

The major areas of research at CMUXE are:

Laser-produced plasma (LPP) sources for lithography and microscopy
Laser plasma characterization & Plasma diagnostics
Laser based nuclear material detectors
In-situ surface characterization
Ultrafast laser-produced plasma
Discharged produced plasma (DPP)
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Laser-Ablation ICP-MS
Ion beam nanostructuring
Ultrafast laser nanostructuring
Computational modeling of LPP, DPP and fusion devices

Exceptionally motivated and qualified applicants are invited to contact Prof. T. Sizyuk ( or Prof. A. Hassanein ( by email with your interests and resume.

Detailed descriptions of some of the current openings include:

1. Computational methods for the neutron and photon transport in inhomogeneous media and Earth's atmosphere: Applications are invited for a graduate student position (leading to PhD-thesis) in the field of the transport of prompt and delayed neutrons and gamma-rays produced from fissions of nuclear materials. The research will focus on modeling, prediction, and understanding of time-correlated signatures and joint distributions of many parameters from spontaneous and induced fissions of nuclear materials and those originating from cosmic rays. The goal of this project is to discover new intrinsic characteristics of the signatures that can be used in detectors to eliminate the counting due to fluctuations of cosmic-ray induced neutron background. The Monte Carlo simulations of cosmic ray and nuclear material induced neutrons and gamma-rays should be performed. The position involves the development and application of computational methods for the neutron and photon transport in inhomogeneous media and Earth's atmosphere. We are looking for a M.Sc level researcher with strong computational skills, a background in radiation physics, Monte Carlo techniques, and modern computer programming using Fortran-90/95. Parallel computing experience with MPI is a plus. Experience in the use of modeling tools such as MCNPX, GEANT4 and FLUKA is desired. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and a list of publications and should arrange for 3 letters of reference to be emailed to Prof. Miloshevsky ( or Prof. Hassanein (

2. Computational Modeling: Ph. D. students will conduct research in areas including advanced numerical methods, Monte Carlo techniques, analytical modeling, supercomputing applications, particle diffusion and transport, magnetohydrodynamics, photon transport and atomic physics, and heat transfer and thermal hydraulic analysis. If interested contact Prof. Sizyuk ( or Prof. Hassanein ( by email with your interests and resume.  

3. Laser induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Laser-Ablation ICP-MS: The graduate students will carry out research on laser-ablation inductively plasma spectrometry and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy. The interested candidate should work with high power lasers for producing plasmas, plasma diagnostic tools, emission and mass spectroscopy. If interested contact Dr. Diwakar ( or Prof. Hassanein ( by email with your interests and resume.  

II. Research opportunities for undergraduates

Undergraduate research education is very useful for those looking for future MS/Ph.D program acceptance. Research positions are available for highly motivated undergraduates with interest in obtaining research experience (also useful for research credit) for future graduate studies. Position is open for undergraduates in all engineering and science disciplines. High level commitments and participation in group meetings are compulsory. Significantly performing undergraduates can co-author publications and will have the opportunity to apply to our graduate programs.
If interested contact Prof. T. Sizyuk ( or Dr. Diwakar ( or Prof. A. Hassanein ( by email with your interests and resume.  

III. Postdoctoral research positions in Ion Beam-surface interaction and Surface Science

Postdoctoral research positions are available at CMUXE, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. The position will carry out experimental (and modeling) research on ion beam-surface, plasma-material interaction for several applications such as plasma facing component and fusion engineering. The applicants should have a demonstrated ability to develop new experimental techniques including equipment design and implementation and the ability to work in a cross-disciplinary group. The successful candidate will have experience in some or all of the following areas; ion and plasma surface modifications, material erosion, in-situ and ex-situ surface characterization techniques (XPS, UPS, AES, LEISS, AFM, STM, SEM, FIB, thin film deposition using RF sputtering and/or PLD) etc. Further information about CMUXE research can be found at

Good communication skills in English and the ability of competent and friendly advising of students are also expected. Potential candidates are also expected to participate in proposal writing and generating new ideas for developing new research fields.

This is a full time position with an initial appointment period of one year with the possibility of extension contingent on availability of funding and satisfactory research performance.

Exceptionally motivated and qualified applications are invited to contact Prof. Ahmed Hassanein ( with their resume, research interests and future plans.