Center for Materials under extreme environments (CMUXE) is created at Purdue University to study the interactions of high-intensity, modulated energy beams: electromagnetic radiation, plasma, electrons, ions and other particle sources (i.e. clusters, molecules) with matter.  The center combines both advanced integrated computational tools, i.e., HEIGHTS simulation package and state-of-the art experimental devices.  HEIGHTS package developed over the last 20 years is multipurpose multidimensional computational tools that integrate heat transfer, thermal hydraulics, magneto-hydrodynamics, atomic and plasma physics, photon transport, and material erosion lifetime.  On the experimental side, initially three primary components and devices make up CMUXE laboratory.  One is a high-intense charged-particle/material interaction experiments with unique in-situ metrology for mixed materials surface physics studies named IMPACT.  The second is Laser-matter and Laser Plasma laboratory for intense power deposition simulation experiments and short wavelength  light source development and the third, a high-power Z-pinch plasma source for plasma-material interaction studies to create super materials and alloys for various applications including energy, biomedical, nanotechnology, advanced lithography, directed energy and national security, and nuclear and high energy physics. 

The CMUXE facility maintains an open user policy, encourages the involvement from external all faculty and students to conduct their research. This center is located at 370 POTTER engineering building, Purdue University.