The Advanced Composite Structures Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL) is a leading multidisciplinary research group at Purdue School of Engineering and Technology and was initiated in the Fall of 2017 by Prof. Hamid Dalir to address research and educational issues related to composite materials. The Lab is a joint effort between the Motorsport Engineering Program and the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. ACSEL houses equipment to model composites manufacturing processes as well as to perform mechanical testing and microstructural analysis. The focus of the research efforts can be broken into broad categories including process development, shape and warpage control, and materials response simulation. Our team consists of various students and researchers from different backgrounds and nationalities, all aiming to push forward novel composite technologies. These varied research topics allow both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue education and research in the field of composite materials. By maintaining research projects in various areas of the composites field the students in the Advanced Composite Structures Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL) gain a greater appreciation for this field of engineering. ACSEL is currently involved in lots of research projects with both industries as well as government agencies.

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