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Lab photo - Summer 2010


Michael Heinz, PhD
Principal Investigator

Professor - Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Professor - Biomedical Engineering

Curriculum Vitae


Ann H Ann Hickox, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

M Walls Michael Walls, B.Sc.
Laboratory Animal Technician

David Axe
Graduate Student - PhD Candidate (Biomedical Engineering)

Sandra Carbajal
Graduate Student - MS Candidate (Neuroscience - PULSe)

Taylor Remick
Graduate Student - AuD Candidate (SLHS)

Alexa Malaspino
Undergraduate Student (Biomedical Engineering)

Sandra Snyder
Undergraduate Student (Biomedical Engineering)

  Amanda Maulden
Undergraduate Student (Animal Science)

  Kelton Verble
Undergraduate Student (Biological Science)

Lab Alumni

Mark S

Mark Sayles, MB BChir MA PhD MRCS (ENT)
Fulbright Post-Doctoral Scholar 2013-2014

Mark's Fulbright Page


currently post-doc at KU Leuven (Belguim)


Ken H

Ken Henry, PhD
NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow 2010-2013

currently post-doc at Univ of Rochester



Jon Boley
PhD - December 2013 (Biomedical Engineering)


currently Research Scientist at GN Resound

Ananthakrishna Chintanpalli
PhD - December 2011 (Biomedical Engineering)
currently Postdoc at Medical University of South Carolina

Sushrut Kale
PhD - July 2011 (Biomedical Engineering)
currently Research Associate at Columbia University

Jayaganesh Swaminathan
PhD - July 2010 (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)
currently Research Asst Prof at Boston University


Kimberly Chamberlain
AuD - 2010
currently Clinical Audiologist, Faculty Associate (UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas)

Ryan Scheidt
B.S. - 2010 (Electrical Engineering)
currently Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco)


Ziwei Zhong
B.S. - 2012 (Biomedical Engineering)
currently in University of California, Irvine Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)


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