Manure Management

Manure Management & Utilization technologies

Workshop Series

Workshop (1): Applications and Safety (November 4, 2021)


Vanessa McKinney
Anaerobic digestion (AD) for manure management in the U.S.

Casey Ritz
In-house broiler litter windrowing


Teng Lim
Lagoon solids removal, lessons learned




Mahmoud Nour & Bill Field

Safety risks and prevention measures involving manure storage, handling, and transportation (Slides)


Video recording


Workshop (2): New Approaches (February 3, 2022)



Bryan Overstreet

Manure Application Record Keeping (Slides)



Kyle Corn

Ammonia Recovery Process Used to Promote Anaerobic Digester Health (Slides)


Carl Ramsey

Phosphorus Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate (Slides)


Teng Lim

Pig Barn Manure Management with Solid-Liquid Separation (Slides)



Christine Brown

In-pit Aeration Agitation Systems


Video recording



Workshop (3): Testing, Mitigation, Application, and Opportunity (April 7, 2022)


Jamie Bultemeier

Manure testing and characteristics (Slides)



Kevin Erb

Manure spill management and risk mitigation (Slides)


Glen Arnold

Side-dressing manure on corn and topdressing on wheat (Slides)


Shafiqur Rahman

USDA NIFA opportunities on manure management (Slides)


Video recording (to come)



Workshop (4): Anaerobic Digestion Topics Part 1
(October 20, 2022)


Nick Elger

Agricultural Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Basics (Slides, Video)



Dave Lindenmuth

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) on Farms (Video)


Chad Antle

Treating Industrial Organic Waste with AD (Video)


Wei Liao

Techno-economic and Life-cycle Analysis of a Commercial AD Plant (Slides, Video)



Workshop (5): Anaerobic Digestion Topics Part 2
(November 17, 2022)


Juliana Vasco-Correa

Economics of Agricultural Anaerobic Digestion (Slides, Video)




Wei Liao

Anaerobic Digestion Systems on Small- and Medium-Sized Farms (Slides, Video)



John Thornton

Carbon Credits of Agricultural Anaerobic Digestion (Video)


Jennifer Rackliffe

Considerations for Co-digestion in Agricultural AD Systems (Slides, Video)




Workshop (6): Anaerobic Digestion Topics Part 3
(March 10, 2023, in-person and online)













Kevin Kirkham

Working with utilities on electricity off-take agreements and renewable natural gas (Slides, Video)


Thomas Kreke and Charles Grady

Biomass AD registrations, land application permits, and registrations for confined feeding operations (Kreke Slides, Grady Slides) Videos


Matthew Pearson

Using and marketing digestate (Slides, Video)


Carl Ramsey

Comprehensive nutrient recovery systems (Slides, Video)


Wei Liao

Biogas electrical vehicle charging (Slides, Video)


Ji-Qin Ni

Cases and causes of safety incidents at AD systems (Slides, Video)


Jennifer Rackliffe

Co-digestion considerations and feedstock selection (Slides, Video)



Workshop (7): Manure management and field spill demonstrations (August 30 and August 31, 2023)