Fall Preview Days

What are Fall Preview Days?

Fall Preview Days are held in the Fall Semester and are designed for high school seniors who want to get an overall look at Purdue University and the programs it offers. All prospective students first attend a large group presentation that is held by Admissions. Following this, they are split up into smaller groups with students of similar interest and attend another presentation held by their prospective college or school. During this process, prospective students gain insights into the life of a typical Purdue student, including academics, athletics, student organizations, and housing. Tours of the campus are highly encouraged at this time. Any questions that a student has are answered. More information about this program can be found at the admissions website found here.

AAESAC's Role in Fall Preview Days

AAESAC is responsible for representing the School or Aeronautics and Astronautics at these events. During this time, we give a presentation about the AAE program and curriculum followed by a large group tour of the Armstrong Hall of Engineering, the school's home. After the tour, the tour guide gives out a card with their contact information to enable prospective students to ask any questions that may come up at a later date.