Sam Spiczka, sculptor from Sartell, Minnesota
Location: Pickett Park, at the corner of Stadium Ave. and McCormick Road

Sculptor Sam Spiczka installed his work, "Organization" on the campus of Purdue University at Pickett Park on early Friday morning, August 23, 2002, after being named a co-winner of the Visual Arts Committee's annual "Sculpture on Campus Competition" in April 2002. Spiczka works primarily with stainless steel and wood, fusing the two in what Visual Arts Committee member and competition organizer, David Blakesley, described as a "fusion of the organic and manufactured, suggesting the surprising union of order, complexity, and randomness in nature." Spiczka says that he seeks to "create sculptures which speak as fixtures in the world, eternal even in their transience." His sculptures have previously been on exhibition at Western Michigan University, Western Carolina University, and arts festivals around the country. The artist lives and works in Sartell, Minnesota, and maintains a Web site at Spiczka's award-winning entry, entitled "Organization," will be displayed in Pickett Park for two years as the next installment in the continuing development of the park for the campus community. With support from the Office of the Provost and the University Senate, the Visual Arts Committee aims to promote and foster cultural awareness of the visual arts on campus and in classrooms. Committee members selected co-winners in its competition this year.

Interview With Sam Spiczka

Date: August 23, 2002
Location: Pickett Park
By: Krystie L. Jezierski

Which subjects did you study in school?

~I took regular classes like everyone else but for five out of the nine periods of the day, I was in Art class. Even when I had a study hall, I went to Art class.

Why did you choose Purdue to display your art work?

~I saw an advertisement for the Visual Arts Committee's "Sculpture on Campus Competition" and decided to send in my slide.

What would be your advice to arts students at Purdue?

~I would tell them to do the opposite of what is commonly expected. They should find what they are interested in and just do the work. Find some people you look up to and figure out what they have in common and make that a part of your life.

Organization at Pickett Park.
Organization Sculpture while still on
the crane. Sam the Sculptor works to 
lower his sculpture to the ground.

Interviewing Sam.

A note from the interviewer

Hi, my name is Krystie and I am an engineering student at Purdue. To help with finances for college, I applied for this job with the University Visual Arts Committee and this was my first interview. It was completely different then anything I expected. First off, I thought that when I arrived to interview the artist, he would be dressed in a suit and tie and would have had a crew of men helping with his sculpture. To my surprise, I learned that "Sam the Sculptor" was the one in the blue overalls getting down and dirty with his sculpture. Second, he was very enthusiastic and down to earth. He was eager to answer my questions to the best of his ability. I just want to say thanks to Sam for making my first interview a success.