National Science Foundation 



Multi-disciplinary Workshop at the Interface of Cyber infrastructure,

and Operations Research, with "Grand Challenges" in

Enterprise-wide Applications in Design, Manufacturing and Services

August 30-31, 2004







Participants and Personal Point of Views [PPV's]


A - I

J  -   M

N  -  Z

Suresh Advani [PPV]
University of Delaware

John K.Amdall [PPV]
Director Research&Technology Caterpillar

Michael Ball [PPV]
Univ.of Maryland

Dan Bienstock [PPV]
Columbia University

John Birge [PPV]
University of Chicago

Christina Bloebaum [PPV]
University at Buffalo

Sila Cetinkaya [PPV]
Texas A&M University

Ann Chervenak [PPV]

John Chinneck [PPV]
Carleton University

Mark Daskin [PPV]
Northwestern University

Vinayak Deshpande [PPV]
Assistant Professor, Purdue

Kjell Eikland {PPV}

Michael Ferris [PPV]
University of Wisconsin

Robert Fourer [PPV]
Northwestern University

John Fuller [PPV]

David Gay [PPV]
Sandia National Labs

Arnold Greenland [PPV]

Ignacio Grossman [PPV]

Julie L.Higle [PPV]
University of Arizona

Randy Hinrichs [PPV]

Ben Hobbs [PPV]
Johns Hopkins

Sven Leyffer [PPV] Argonne NationalLabs Robin Lougee-Heimer [PPV] IBM, T.J.Watson Center Jeff Linderoth [PPV] Lehigh University Meng Liu [PPV] University of Missouri-Rolla Miron Livny [PPV] University of Wisconsin
Leonardo Lopes [PPV] 
University of Arizona
Andrew Lumsdaine [PPV]
Indiana University

Tom Magnanti [PPV]
Dean, MIT
Prasad Mangalaramanan [PPV] Lead CAE Specialist Dana Corporation Jorge More [PPV] Argonne National Labs Pitu Mirchandani [PPV] University of Arizona Gautam Mitra [PPV]
Brunel University
Debasis Mitra [PPV]
Bell Labs
Todd Munson [PPV] Argonne NationalLabs


Iannis Paschalidis [PPV]
Boston University
Warren Powell [PPV] Princeton University Simin Pulat [PPV] University of Oklahoma Karthik Ramani [PPV] Purdue University Nainesh Rathod [PPV] President and CEO Imaginestics,LLC John Razzano [PPV] President,Fulton Industries Steve Robinson [PPV] University of Wisconsin David Rosen [PPV]
Georgia Tech Benjamin Van Roy [PPV]
Assistant Professor, Stanford
Iraj Saniee [PPV]
Bell Labs Sanjay Sarma [PPV]
Professor, MIT
Martin Savelsbergh [PPV] Georgia Tech Larry Seiford [PPV] University of Michigan Les Servi [PPV] Lincoln Labs, MIT Jami Shah [PPV]
Professor, ASU
Jan shi [PPV] University of Michigan Allan Snavely [PPV]
SanDiego Supercomputing Center Dennis Snively [PPV] Ram Sriram [PPV] Group Leader, Design and Process Group National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
Deborah Thurston [PPV]
Professor, UIUC
Craig Tovey [PPV]
Georgia Tech
Tamas Terlaky [PPV] McMaster University Kwok Tsui [PPV]
Professor, Georgia Tech
Reha Uszoy [PPV] Purdue University Mary Vernon [PPV] University of Wisconsin Michael P.Wellman [PPV] University of Michigan Roger J-B Wets [PPV] University of California, Davis Richard Wolski [PPV] University of California, Santa Barbara Margaret Wright [PPV] NYU Steve Wright [PPV]
University of Wisconsin YinyuYe [PPV] Stanford University Francis Zane [PPV]
Bell Labs