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P2SAC Advisory Board

Executive Committee

  • Osman Basaran - Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering
  • Ray Mentzer - Visiting Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering
  • Representatives of 3M, Amgen, BP, Chevron, Dow, Endress+Hauser, GSK, Honeywell, Lilly, Pfizer, Phillips 66, and SABIC

Scientific Advisory Board

Current P2SAC Scientific Advisory Board Members:

  • Osman Basaran - Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering, Academic Director
  • Ray Mentzer - Visiting Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering, Executive Director
  • George Harriott - Air Products (safety and consequence analysis/modeling)
  • Hari Subramani - Chevron (flow assurance, oil and gas)
  • Pritish Kamat - Dow (flow assurance, chemicals and manufacturing)
  • Prasad Goteti - Honeywell (quantitative risk analysis)
  • Stan Kolis - Lilly (pharmaceutical safety) 
  • Jonathan Bach - NIOSH/CDC (prevention through design, PTD)
  • Edward Marszal - Kenexis (risk analysis for design of protective systems)
  • Laurence Pearlman - Marsh Risk (risk consulting)
  • Ashok Dastidar - Fauske and Associates (dust, liquid, and vapor explosions, electrostatic hazards, hazard analysis)
  • Rob DiValerio - BP (oil and gas, upstream, and refining)
  • Steven Horsch - Dow (reactive chemicals and fundamental problem solving)
  • Bruce Vaughen - CCPS (risk reduction approaches and management)
  • Jeffrey Sperry - Vertex (pharmaceutical safety)
Expectations from and duties of members of the SAB:
External members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) directly advise the Academic Director (AD) and serve the center in a number of ways. Members of the SAB suggest speakers for future P2SAC conferences but are also expected to give high level technical talks periodically at P2SAC conferences to set and maintain high standards.  Two other critical functions of members of the SAB include the following.  On the one hand, they come up with ideas/suggestions for future avenues of research that should be pursued by center researchers.  Equally important, they also work with members of the center's Executive Committee and other stakeholders to inform and to help others appreciate as to why it is important for center researchers to work on certain problems and/or why certain areas are highly worthy of being studied/pursued. Members of the SAB also have sufficient leeway and flexibility to help and offer guidance to P2SAC in any way they deem appropriate to enable P2SAC to continuously improve.  Members of the SAB are appointed by the AD, with advice from the Executive Director (ED), for terms of unspecified lengths.