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P2SAC Advisory Board

Executive Committee

  • Osman Basaran - Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering
  • Ray Mentzer - Visiting Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering
  • Representatives of 3M, Amgen, BP, Chevron, Dow, GSK, Honeywell, Lilly, Pfizer, Phillips 66, and Shell

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Osman Basaran - Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering, Academic Director
  • Ray Mentzer - Visiting Professor, Purdue Chemical Engineering, Executive Director
  • George Harriott - Air Products (safety and consequence analysis/modeling)
  • Jonathan Bach - NIOSH/CDC (prevention through design, PTD)
  • Prasad Goteti - Honeywell (quantitative risk analysis)
  • Stan Kolis - Lilly (pharmaceutical safety) 
  • Hari Subramani - Chevron (flow assurance, oil and gas)