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Purdue Process Safety & Assurance Center

Each year, people around the world lose their lives due to the lack of proper training and recognition of chemical process safety. These incidents also result in injuries and environmental and facility damage. Although international recognition of the importance of chemical process safety is growing, only a few centers of expertise exist.

The Purdue Process Safety & Assurance Center (P2SAC) plays a key role in saving lives, and educating students on process safety, preparing them to address potential disasters, and equipping them for success when entering industry. Not only does P2SAC educate students on the highly technical nature of ‘process’ safety vs. ‘personnel’ safety, but it also serves as the hub for:

  • Conducting cutting-edge, fundamental science-based research with experimental and theoretical modeling;
  • Creating and teaching undergraduate and graduate process safety courses, and instilling Process Safety Management (PSM) awareness in core capstone design projects; and 
  • Providing a source of expertise for industry and other stakeholders regarding process safety-related standards and best practices.

P2SAC is uniquely focused on manufacturing and consumer products, including the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and technology industries. The research projects conducted at the center are solicited from industry sponsors, government research labs and academia.

P2SAC faculty are engaged in, and knowledgeable about various facets of process safety that enhance the educational experience of all Purdue Chemical Engineering students, and ultimately help to improve the safety of our world.