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Get Involved with P2SAC

Active participation in P2SAC is encouraged at multiple levels: attending the bi-annual conferences, becoming a sponsor, participation in the Professional Master’s Program by mentoring a team of students on a project of your choosing, as well as opportunities to endow a process safety professorship and name the Center.  The Center is focused on process safety related projects of varying complexity (PhD, MS & UG) and discipline.  Ideas are solicited at the bi-annual conferences with input from industry and academia, including multi-disciplinary efforts with other fields such as Agricultural, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Chemistry and Industrial Pharmacology. These departments offer special expertise in areas such as dusts and human factors, which have been the cause of many industrial incidents.   

Our Partners

P2SAC has a team of industry and academic partners supporting its innovative and impactful research. Current process safety sponsors include AMGEN, BP, Chevron, Dow, GSK, Honeywell, Lilly, Pfizer, Phillips 66, Shell, and 3M. P2SAC also collaborates with risk management consulting firms such as Fauske Associates and Kenexis, who are also our sponsors. Additionally, the National Science Foundation has funded joint projects in the areas of laboratory safety and cybersecurity between P2SAC and the Engineering Research Center for Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources (CISTAR), headquartered in Purdue’s Discovery Park.

Our Research Team

P2SAC uniquely supports nine tenured Engineering professors who are engaged in PhD-level process safety research projects. These faculty are dedicated leaders in their fields of study, including process optimization, control, catalysis, dusts, fluid flow, and separations, and are now also engaged in industry-sponsored process safety applications. Through P2SAC, Master’s and undergraduate students are also engaged in a wide variety of impactful process safety projects.