Blueprint for Enabling Innovation in Consumer Goods In-Line Chemical Analysis for an Energy Major Pathways to the Blue Economy for a National Lab Grand Challenge Problem Framing for a Leading Aid Agency
Envision icon representing going up stairsEvaluate the Innovation Opportunity Space        
Icon representing a targetSet a Vision        
Icon representing a magnifying glassIdentify the Innovation Motif        
Icon representing a map Map the Innovation Journey        
Shape Icon representing a puzzle with four pieces fititng togetherFrame the Complex Problem        
Icon representing a cubeDefine the Problem Space        
Icon representing a brain with tiny gears insideDevelop a Systems View        
Icon representing a lightbulb with a gear insideIdeate on Solution Spaces        
Icon representing a data tree representation with three limbs leading to one limbForecast Ecosystem Implications        
Icon representing an old fashioned scale to compare weightsEvaluate and Select Solution Paths        
Pursue Icon representing a notepadManage Uncertainty        
Icon representing multiple people connected to each other by linesFacilitate Adoption        
Icon representing a scatter plot with most dots going from bottom left to top rightGo Beyond the Moonshot