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    Project Abstract

    Ceramic solid free-form fabrication of microwave components

    3D ceramic components for microwave frequencies will be fabricated using stereolithography, a solid free-form fabrication method using a UV laser to photopolymerize a mixture of ceramic powder and acrylate monomer into solid parts. The monomer is then burned away using a high temperature furnace, followed by a sintering stage, resulting in a functional ceramic component. Proposed components include: buried resonators, vertically integrated filters and antennas, and periodic EBG structures.

    Laser Direct Write Metallization

    Fig. 1 - Laser sintered patch antenna on Mylar(R)

    This project involves collaboration with Purdue's Center of Laser Micro-Fabrication . The project involves developing advanced metallization techniques using a laser to direct write circuits. A laser is used both in additive and subtractive processes as well as to fully functionalize circuits. Potential applications include: maskless lithography, conformal metallization, low temperature substrate direct write, circuit repairs, and substrate modifications such as milling, bending, and welding.

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