We are very proud of the services we are able to provide for the College of Engineering faculty and/or their families. Don't just take our word for it, please see what others are saying...


"When we recruit faculty and they build successful careers at Purdue, they do it with people in their lives who are important to them. We want our faculty and their loved ones to be successful and happy!"

Klod Kokini, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University


"It has been a great experience working with the Concierge. I appreciate all of the efforts made on my behalf. I would like to thank the Concierge for helping me improve my resume and taking the time to help me prepare for interviews."

Rosemary Son, Materials Engineering, Purdue University


"The Concierge Team did a wonderful job assisting us when relocating to Purdue. I am really thankful to the program for assisting me finding a suitable position on campus. The Concierge is a very cordial and helpful team."

Akhila Kingsly, Biochemistry, Purdue University


"The Concierge team takes the initiative to learn about your needs and interests before developing an approach to assist. More importantly, the office spends quality time with you. Based on their friendly service, it has been much easier for my family and I to adjust to our new life at Purdue!"

Jian Jin, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University


"I can't find the words to thank the Concierge office for helping my wife and I with this important transition in our life. The office spent numerous hours working with my wife on her resume and cover letter, helping her prepare for interviews, and most importantly organizing meetings with mentors and established seniors in the field. All the guidance and support provided by the office has been the primary contributor for my wife's successful job hunt. We hope that the community becomes aware of the excellent service the Concierge provides to both incoming and current faculty in the college."

Amit H. Varma, Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University


"I continue to be very impressed by our Concierge Program. Thanks to the program, I believe that Purdue Engineering has a significant advantage over our peers in the recruitment and retention of faculty of the highest calibre."

Venkataramanan Balakrishnan, Head and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University


"I am really pleased with the positive impact that our concierge program is having on the College. Apart from the success stories, I hear many good things about the program from people within and outside Purdue. It is a strong testament to our value system."

Rao S. Govindaraju, Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering and Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University


"Thank you very much for your strong support to help make a turning point in my life. I hope this is a start of a successful 20 years plus career at Purdue."

Maggie Hao, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University


"Dual career and relocation support is critical in order to attract and retain the highest quality faculty members. Establishing the Concierge Program to provide both types of support is terrific asset to the College."

Arvind Varma, R Games Slayter Distinguished Professor Head of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University


"The Concierge Program provided valuable support for my wife and me as we transitioned to the Purdue community. The staff gained my utmost respect as they worked diligently to offer us the help we needed. I am especially grateful for their dual career assistance that provided the means for my wife to find a position on campus."

Christopher Williams, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University


"The Concierge Program made the transition to Purdue University as smooth as possible for my husband and me. The team worked with great enthusiasm to help me find a position, and I am thrilled to have been offered a job on campus."

Gail Williams, Engineering Computer Network, Purdue University


"One of the major reasons for me to make the decision of joining Purdue was the support your program provided in helping my wife re-enter the professional world after staying home for such a long time. I am certain that your team will help many more families like ours happier here at Purdue. Thank you!"

Song Zhang, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University


"We very much appreciate the kind help from the Concierge Program. The staff are always professional, courteous, and diligent. Our relocation and processing of my visa wouldn't be so smooth without their kind assistance. The Concierge Program is absolutely top notch!"

George (Zhi) Zhou, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue Engineering


"I was a graduate student looking for an academic advising position in the local area. The concierge program helped me with an initial review of my resume and provided several opportunities to help refine it during workshops with talent acquisition experts on campus. The program provided me with an opportunity to connect with experienced student services professionals on campus at workshops and through informational interview opportunities. Many of my informational interviewees are now colleagues who I can reach out to with questions about interpreting Purdue's academic policies. The program really helped demystify the application process for on campus positions, and supported me through a challenging search."

Ranjani Rao, College of Science, Purdue University