EEE Insights — Fall 2015


Welcome to "EEE Insights" - the Fall 2015 Newsletter of Purdue Environmental and Ecological Engineering. We just wrapped up the thanksgiving break, and are rapidly approaching the end of the fall semester. Over Thanksgiving, I had an opportunity to reflect on all the changes and accomplishments of EEE over the last few years. So, let me use the space to talk about these milestones and give thanks to the individuals who helped make them possible.

New Faculty & Staff

To support student growth, we have added significantly to our faculty and staff over the past few year. This semester we are honored to introduce these new faculty and staff to the EEE family.

EEE Research

This semester's research spotlight previews professor Shweta Singh's work on modeling the local Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycling in the Indiana Economy and professor Nies's publication of water use in the Wabash River.

Senior Design

For the first time, all senior design projects are sponsored by industry, giving EEE seniors an industrial experience solving real problems.

Graduate Program in EEE Approved

In August Master's and PhD degrees were approved in Environmental and Ecological Engineering. This is an important milestone as EEE approaches its 10th anniversary next year. These degrees add a new option to students at Purdue at a time when employment is projected to grow significantly in the next decade. About half of surveyed environmental engineers assert that an advanced degree is necessary for their job. The target size of the program is 90 students.

New Courses

The EEE department is introducing three new courses in Spring 2016: Environmental Chemodynamics, Industrial Sustainability Lab, and Environmental and Ecological Engineering Case Stories.

EEE Awards and Recognition

EEE students, faculty, and staff continue to make the EEE department proud. Lauren Kennedy won the EEE Outstanding Senior Award, Professor Howarter received the SEEE Instructional Excellence Award, and Nadya Zyaykin won the New Employee College of Engineering Award. Congratulations to all!

Student Leadership

EEE senior Hannah McAughan represents EEE as engineering senator for PSG and a brief note from SEEE.

EEE External Advisory Council

Get to know two more members of the External Advisory Council. This edition features Cindy Fort and Larry Merritt, Jr.

Alumni News

See what EEE students do after graduation with a personal statement from three EEE alumnae.