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EEE senior maintains studies while claiming University's first national cheerleading championship

deligio cheer
EEE senior, Nina Deligio poses with the Purdue Cheerleading team trophy the squad received after winning the Division 1 Small Coed section in the UCA College Cheerleading Championship.
Going from textbooks and exams to pom poms and backhand springs is the typical daily routine for Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) senior, Nina Deligio who is also a member of the Purdue cheerleading squad.

Deligio first became interested in the environment during her childhood where she found herself being outside more than inside. As she grew up she started learning about the deterioration of the natural resources that occurs with an influx of industry and wanted to have her hand in creating the solution.

As she prepared for college she knew that she wanted a major that would make a difference in the world in relation to the environment which ultimately landed her in EEE.

On top of her rigorous class schedule, homework, and exams, Deligio has to balance her academics and a strong cheerleading schedule.  “I have gotten pretty good at time management over the years,” says Deligio, “But that is not to say that I've completely got it down. I'm human and I sometimes overbook myself, in which case I have to take a step back and reorganize myself.”

Recently, Deligio and the Purdue University cheerleaders became national champions after competing in the Division I small co-ed category at the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships at Disney World in Orlando, FL. The squad's first national championship in cheerleading for the University.