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Microscale Transport and Microchannels

Two-Phase Flow Distribution Modeling and Stability Analysis
A Saturated-Interface-Volume Phase Change Model for Simulating Flow Boiling
Quantitative Visualization of Vapor Bubble Growth in Diabatic Vapor-Liquid Microchannel Slug Flow
Fabrication and Characterization of a Hierarchical Manifold Microchannel Heat Sink Array for Evaporative Intrachip Cooling
Investigation of Two-Phase Flow Structures for Improved Predictive Models
Spurious Current Suppression in VOF-CSF Simulation of Slug Flow through Small Channels
Effects of Heat Flux Asymmetries on Two-Phase Transport through Microchannels Optimization of Manifold Microchannel Heat Sinks  

Determination of Liquid Film Thickness in Slug and Annular Flow 

Two Phase Liquid Jet Impingement Cooling  
Surface Treatment for Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement   Microscale Void Fraction Measurement and Two-Phase Flow Regime Trasition Models  

Effects of Surface Roughness on Flow Boiling in Microchannels  

Effects of Surface Roughness and Wettability on Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer  

Microchannel Inlet Manifold Analysis   

System-level Analysis of Microchannel Heat Sinks  

Infrared PIV for Non-Intrusive Microfluidic Measurements  

Single-Phase Microchannel Heat Sinks  
Enhancement of Boiling in Microchannels Experiments and Models for Two-Phase Transport of Water in Microchannels  
Two-Phase Transport of Dielectric Fluids through Silicon Microchannel Heat Sinks          

Boiling in a microchannel
Boiling of a dielectric in a microchannel

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