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Dr. John Blendell picture

Dr. John Blendell
Materials Engineering
  Materials Reliability

Dr. Ivan Christov picture

Dr. Ivan Christov
Mechanical Engineering
 Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Chelsea Davis picture

Dr. Chelsea Davis
Materials Engineering
 Interfacial Mechanics

Dr. Suresh Garimella picture

Dr. Suresh V. Garimella
Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering
 Electronics Cooling

Dr. Eckhard Groll picture

Dr. Eckhard Groll
Mechanical Engineering
 Thermal Systems, Refrigeration

Dr. Carol Handwerker picture

Dr. Carol Handwerker
Materials Engineering
New Materials Development

Dr. John Howarter picture

Dr. John Howarter
Materials Engineering
Polymer Composites

Dr. Amy Marconnet picture

Dr. Amy Marconnet
Mechanical Engineering
Nanoscale Thermal Transport

Dr. Aaron Morris picture

Dr. Aaron Morris
Mechanical Engineering
Heat Transfer in Granular Media

Dr. Partha Mukherjee picture

Dr. Partha Mukherjee
Mechanical Engineering
Energy Storage

Dr. Liang Pan picture

Dr. Liang Pan
Mechanical Engineering
Nanoscale Manufacturing

Dr. Tim Persoons picture

Dr. Tim Persoons
Mechanical Engineering
Sustainable Energy

Dr. Xiulin Ruan picture

Dr. Xiulin Ruan
Mechanical Engineering
Nanoscale Energy Transport

Dr. Ganesh Subbarayan picture

Dr. Ganesh Subbarayan
Mechanical Engineering
Microsystems Packaging

Dr. Carl Wassgren picture

Dr. Carl Wassgren
Mechanical Engineering
Particulate Systems

Dr. Justin Weibel picture

Dr. Justin Weibel
Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Management

Kazuaki Yazawa picture

Dr. Kazuaki Yazawa
Electrical Engineering

Davide Ziviani picture

Dr. Davide Ziviani
Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Systems, Refrigeration

► Xiulin Ruan and Justin Weibel awarded College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Mentor

► Aaron Morris awarded NSF CAREER Award

► Ivan Christov promoted to Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

► Justin Weibel awarded ASME K-16 Outstanding Early Faculty Career in Thermal Management Award

► Partha Mukherjee recognized as a University Faculty Scholar (2021) in honor of his oustandng performance

► Carol Handwerker elected to Class of 2021 Materials Research Society Fellows

► Ivan Christov awarded Purdue University College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Mentor

► Justin Weibel awarded ASME Electronic & Photonic Packaging Division (EPPD) Young Engineer Award

► Amy Marconnet awarded ASME Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer and Purdue OMEGA Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor

► Ivan Christov Outstanding Referee for American Physical Society

► Eckhard Groll named the Perry Head of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University