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Online Plastics & CIPP Education

Meeting Files for March 16, 2020

  • [Presentation] Welcome, introductions, overview of the meeting
  • [Presentation] Vapor intrusion alternative pathways
  • [Presentation] Sewer pipe repair technologies and the most popular sewer repair technology, CIPP: Raw materials, the manufacture process, and defects
  • [Online Demos] Plastics education and sewer technology demonstrations: Plastic ingredients, manufacture wastes, building contamination, health effects
    • Overview File - The Basics of Plastics
    • Overview File - The CIPP Manufacturing Process
    • Overview File - Waste Created from CIPP
    • Overview File - Chemicals can Enter Nearby Buildings and Public Spaces
    • Overview File - Human and Environmental Impacts
  • [Presentation] CIPP chemical emissions, environmental significance, occupational and public exposure hazards, plumbing traps, air testing
  • [Presentation] Consideration of weather conditions, building characteristics, VOC indoor air concentration fluctuations at vapor intrusion sites

Online Educational Materials

Basics of Plastics

  • Plastics. Websters Dictionary definition: (noun) "Any of numerous organicsynthetic or processed materials that are mostly thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers of high molecular weight and that can be made into objects, films, or filaments"
  • What plastics are used for sewer repair? [PDF]
  • What ingredients are used for plastic polymerization [PDF]
  • Additives impact physical properties [Video.mp4]
  • What is polymerization? [PDF]
  • How do thermoplastic vs. thermoset plastics differ? [Video.mp4]
  • Created plastics are not pure [PDF]
  • Plastics can be damaged by chemical or physical forces during manufacture or use [PDF]

The CIPP Manufacturing Process

  • The overall CIPP manufacturing process [PDF]
  • Raw materials: some examples of resin, initiators, filler, reinforcements [PDF] – Video of resin [Video.mp4]
  • The resin safety data sheets (SDS) do not list all the chemicals present in the resin, created during CIPP manufacture, or in the waste [PDF]
  • Inserting the uncured resin tube into the buried pipe [Video.mp4]
  • Inserting the uncured resin tube into the buried pipe in Arkansas. Notice the materials being sprayed around the workers [Image]
  • When steam is inserted thermal curing takes place and emissions occur [Video.mp4]
  • Some chemicals are created onsite, are released into air and the environment and remain inside new CIPPs [PDF]

Waste is Created During CIPP Manufacture and It's Forms and Composition are Varied

  • Waste. Websters Dictionary definition: (noun) "an unwanted byproduct of a manufacturing process"
  • Uncured resin tube on the sidewalk, not exposed to steam but chemical reactions and waste is being emitted [Video.mp4]
  • Waste is discharged into the air sometimes in neighborhoods [PDF] – video of exhaust waste [Video.mp4] and video of waste at worksite
  • Waste is discharged into the air in Sacramento, CA during thermal CIPP manufacture and Purdue worker protects themselves with a full-face piece respirator [Video.mp4]
  • Waste is discharged into the environment in New York City, NY after UV CIPP manufacture [Video.mp4]
  • Liquid and vapor waste can be released through the exterior of the CIPP during after manufacture [Video.mp4]
  • After active curing of the new CIPP, the ends are mechanically cut off. Particulates can be released into the environment [Video.mp4]
  • During CIPP cutting, solids are discharged into the air and environment [Video.mp4] – These CIPP cutting solids have high amounts of leachable chemicals [PDF]

Chemicals Can Enter Nearby Buildings and Public Spaces

  • It's common that CIPP contractors blow their waste into the environment, and do not capture it [City of West Plains, Missouri Video] – [City of Wentzville, Missouri Video]
  • There are multiple pathways where CIPP waste can enter buildings and public spaces [PDF]
  • Waste, also sometimes called chemical emissions, can travel above ground, far away from the waste discharge location due to environmental conditions [Video.mp4]
  • Pouring water into sink and toilet drains does not prevent the high pressure CIPP waste from entering buildings [PDF]
  • This video shows how even low pressure can displace water in plumbing traps and cause that water to "blowback" [Video.mp4]

Human Health and Environmental Impacts can Occur

  • 4-gas meters are not effective for monitoring CIPP waste discharge. Calibrated and handheld photoionization detectors (PIDs) [sometimes called organic vapor monitoring] can indicate something is changing, but at CIPP worksites the concentrations they report for styrene levels can be off by a factor of 10x to 1000x than the actual styrene air concentrations [Video.mp4]
  • CIPP chemical waste exposure incidents: Worksites, schools, homes, office buildings, medical centers [PDF]
  • List of the growing number of human health and environmental impact incidents associated with CIPP waste [Link to List]
  • Typically reported symptoms associated with CIPP waste exposure incidents [PDF]
  • 2019 NIOSH CIPP health hazard evaluation for one UV CIPP contractor [report download here]
  • 2017 CIPP worker fatality and OSHA penalty citation, Streamwood, Illinois [report download here]
  • 2005 ATSDR contaminated office building investigation [report download here]
  • List of some environmental damage incidents and consequences [FHWA Report 2019 Table 1]  Full report [report download here]
  • What chemical levels are appropriate for human exposure and the environment [PDF]
  • PID's under and overestimate chemical air concentrations by 10x-1000x in CIPP environments [Ra et al. (2019) Figure 1]
  • What administrative, engineering and personal protective equipment recommendations do you have [FHWA Report 2019 Section 6] – Full report [report download here]

Where Can I Find More Information?

Access downloadable Purdue studies that report CIPP resin, waste composition, CIPP residual, human exposure and environmental contamination incidents and more here

Access downloadable Purdue presentations here

Access viewable Purdue videos here