On the heels of the Secretary of State and Secretary of Commerce visit to the campus on Sept. 13, 2022, Purdue is proud to organize the 2022 Semiconductor Week at Purdue Oct. 3-7 to showcase its continued leadership to strengthen expertise in microelectronics and semiconductors in the United States.

The events will feature the annual meeting of the Purdue Semiconductor Degree Leadership Board, and annual meetings for the CSME and C-BRIC sponsored research centers. More than 55 corporate and government executives will be on campus to participate in these events, meet with faculty and students, witness Purdue's progress, and provide feedback.

The week will include a celebratory reception to recognize some exceptional accomplishments: the five-year, $10.8 million extension of Scalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement (SCALE); the appointment of Professor Carol Handwerker to the U.S. Department of Commerce Industrial Advisory Committee; Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) awards bestowed on Professors Kaushik Roy and Ganesh Subbarayan; and the record-breaking success of the student-organized Industrial Roundtable Career Fair that attracted more than 430 companies at Purdue.

Please see the program below for a detailed list of events.

Oct. 3-4

First annual meeting for the Center for Secure Microelectronics Ecosystem (CSME)

CSMS was launched in 2021 with support from founding companies TSMC and Synopsys in conjunction with support through a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)-funded workforce development program. CSME is co-directed by Joerg Appenzeller and Anand Raghunathan.

Oct. 4-5

Purdue Semiconductor Degree Leadership Board Annual Meeting

The Purdue Semiconductor Degree Program is guided by the Semiconductor Degree Leadership Board, composed of executives from 25 leading microelectronics companies. The members will meet on the Purdue campus in person Oct. 4-5, when they will hear updates on workforce development programs, discuss how to attract and retain a diverse pool of students to the industry, and hear the faculty's vision for educational programs. Ample time will be dedicated to discussion and feedback from industry representatives, especially as related to long-term industry trends and strategies to develop robust talent.

Oct. 5

Greater Lafayette Annual Celebration Keynote Lecture

Thomas Sonderman, CEO of SkyWater Technology

Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds, 5:30-8:30 p.m., RSVP required

Sonderman is the CEO for SkyWater Technology, which recently announced plans for a $1.8 billion semiconductor fab in the Discovery Park District at Purdue. The new facility will create up to 750 new, high-wage jobs in Greater Lafayette.

Oct. 5-6

Annual Review, Center for Brain-inspired Computing Enabling Autonomous Intelligence (C-BRIC)

C-BRIC is funded by SRC and DARPA under the JUMP center program, with the mission to deliver key advances in cognitive computing that will enable a new generation of autonomous intelligent systems such as self-flying drones and interactive personal robots. C-BRIC is led by Purdue and includes researchers from 11 universities working on neuro-inspired algorithms and theory, neuromorphic computing fabrics, and distributed intelligence. C-BRIC is led by Professors Kaushik Roy (Director) and Anand Raghunathan (Associate Director).

Oct. 6

Purdue Semiconductor Celebration Event

4 - 5 p.m. in Armstrong Hall, Kurz Auditorium

The Semiconductor Week at Purdue will include a celebratory reception to recognize several exceptional Purdue accomplishments. Purdue Engineering faculty and staff are invited to attend, no RSVP necessary.

A comprehensive review of the Purdue semiconductor program and activities is available at https://engineering.purdue.edu/semiconductors, including the fall issue of the Semiconductors@Purdue magazine.

For details, contact Cristina Farmus, Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, cfarmus@purdue.edu.