Avinash Kak
Purdue University

 * The Objects Trilogy Project
This project took 17 years to finish! Check it out!
 * Research Interests
 * The Classes I Generally Teach
 * Books Authored
 * Publications in Journals and Conference Proceedings
 * Purdue Robot Vision Lab
These deal with several topics of current interest in Machine Learning
These projects deal with machine learning, information retrieval, computer vision, and other topics.
 * Importance of Machine Learning to the SCUM of Large Software
A talk given on January 2, 2014, at Infosys, Bangalore, India
 * Emerging Themes in Software Engineering Research
A talk given in 2010, but the issues remain valid in 2018
 * Computer and Network Security

                    A 2018 Critique of Cybersecurity at TSA  
                    A 2017 Critique of Cybersecurity at TSA  
 * Some Thoughts on What it Takes to Produce a Good Ph.D. Thesis
Revised in November 2012
 * My Tutorial on Object-Oriented Scripting at the 2006 Open Source

An old presentation but still useful for learning object-oriented scripting in 2018.
 * TEACHING PROGRAMMING: An Essay on What is Wrong with
       How Computer Programming is Taught in Many Universities

                    Enseñar Programación     (In Spanish)
 * Why Robots Will Never Have Sex --- a talk that makes fun of
        people who believe that computers are about to take over the
A cleaned-up version posted in July 2017. Based on a talk that was given originally in 2007.

And more...

 * Citation Counts as Provided by Google Scholar
 * Photo
 * A special publication on using Markov Random Fields for automatic bug localization in large software repositories (2017)
 * Our first publication on Wide-Area Learning as applied to satellite images covering large regions of the earth (2016)
 * Our first publication on unconstrained face recognition (2017)
 * Some recent journal pubs:   ( hover for title and click for download )        * hover      * hover      * hover     * hover   
 * Purdue ECE Graduate Program in Computer Engineering

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