Graduate Classes Generally Taught by Avi Kak

ECE661:   Computer Vision

Next offering in Fall 2020

ECE664:   Computability, Complexity, and Languages

You owe it to yourself to at least read the first lecture. Written for
the modern celebrity-obsessed and pop-culture driven world, the first lecture
mentions sex, shamans, oracles, travails of air travel, famous people who are
really stupid, and so on.

Click here for the first lecture.

Being offered in Fall 2019

Undergraduate Classes Generally Taught by Avi Kak

ECE404:   Introduction to Computer Security

Next offering in Spring 2020

ECE462:   Object-Oriented Programming using C++
and Java

ECE495K:   Object-Oriented Scripting and
Object-Oriented Design

The two programming classes mentioned above have contributed significantly
to my  Objects Trilogy Project. If you would like to know about
this project, click here.

The third book of the Trilogy was released on January 20, 2015. It is titled

"Designing with Objects"

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