Tutorials by Avi Kak

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1.   ML, MAP, and Bayesian --- The Holy Trinity of Parameter
  Estimation and Data Prediction
January 4, 2017
2.   Monte Carlo Integration in Bayesian Estimation Updated:
June 10, 2014
3.   Clustering Data That Resides on a Low-Dimensional
  Manifold in a High-Dimensional Measurement Space
November 29, 2018
4.   Constructing Optimal Subspaces for Pattern Classification Updated:
November 16, 2018
5.   DECISION TREES: How to Construct Them and How to
  Use Them for Classifying New Data
August 28, 2017
6.   Evaluating Information Retrieval Algorithms with Significance
  Testing Based on Randomization and Student's Paired t-Test
March 17, 2017
7.   Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Clustering
  Multidimensional Numerical Data
January 28, 2017
8.   AdaBoost for Learning Binary and Multiclass Discriminations Updated:
November 20, 2018
9.   Linear Regression and Regression Trees Updated:
May 12, 2016
10.   Measuring Texture and Color in Images Updated:
October 11, 2018

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