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Discrete Mathematics for Computer Engineering

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Two midterm exams are scheduled as follows:

* Midterm Exam 1: Wednesday, October 3, 2018, In Class
* Midterm Exam 2: Wednesday, November 7, 2018, In Class

Logic rules provided in the applicable exams

Class content discussions can be found on Piazza

Course Policies

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* Course Syllabus

Lecture Slides

* Monday, 2018/08/20   Introduction to sets
* Wednesday, 2018/08/22   Sets, Intro to recursive definition
* Friday, 2018/08/24   Recursive definition, Intro to Boolean Logic
* Monday, 2018/08/27   Syntax and Semantics of Boolean Logic
* Wednesday, 2018/08/29   Entailment
* Friday, 2018/08/31   Entailment, Introduction to Proofs
* Wednesday, 2018/09/05   Deduction Method, Formalizing English Arguments
* Friday, 2018/09/07   Relational databases, Predicate logic syntax
* Monday, 2018/09/10   Predicate Logic semantics
* Wednesday, 2018/09/12   Predicate Logic Proof
* Friday, 2018/09/14   Introduction to (not formal) proof
* Monday, 2018/09/17   Proof techniques
* Wednesday, 2018/09/19   First principle of mathematical induction


(Solution links will not work until due date)

* Homework 1   (Due on blackboard: August 27, 1:30pm)   Solution 1  
* Homework 2   (Due on blackboard: September 7, 1:30pm)   Solution 2  
* Homework 3   (Due on blackboard: September 17, 1:30pm)   Solution 3  
* Homework 4   (Due on blackboard: Sep 24, 1:30pm)   Solution 4  

Sample Exams

Please note: these are actually previous exams, provided to give you an idea of the style of exams you will encounter. They are not provided as practice exams. Course content has varied since these exams were given.
* Sample first midterm   (Solutions to non-homework problems)
* Sample second midterm   (Solutions)
* Sample final   (Solutions)

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