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Behavioral testing for hidden hearing loss in chinchillas: Towards human diagnostics
(co-PIs: A. Hickox and M. Heinz), Grant-in-aid from American Hearing Research Foundation, January 2014 - December 2014

Drs. Hickox and Heinz will measure behavioral signs of hidden hearing loss in a chinchilla model and, within the same individual animals, assess the relationship between physiological damage and perceptual consequences. The timelines and methods of the project are designed for immediate application to a large-scale study of hidden hearing loss and the development of diagnostic assays, led by Dr. Christopher Plack at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Ultimately, by combining invasive histological analysis, available in the animal model, with electrophysiology and behavioral tasks that are applicable to both animal and human listeners, this and future studies in chinchillas can directly address the hypothesis that a history of noise exposure leads to perceptual deficits based on hidden auditory-nerve damage. Collaborative efforts with the team in the UK ensures that results from the chinchilla model will directly and immediately inform the design of the human-subject studies, and ultimately contribute to the development of new and more sensitive clinical diagnostics.

Effects of sensorineural hearing loss on robust speech coding
(PI: M. Heinz), R01 grant from NIH (NIDCD), September 2009 - August 2014.
Effects of noise-induced and metabolic hearing losses on temporal coding in noise
(PI: K. Henry), Individual F32 National Research Service Award
Postdoctoral Fellowship from NIH (NIDCD), January 2012 - August 2013
Temporal effects in forward masking, suppression, and simultaneous masking
(PI: E. Strickland), R01 grant from NIH (NIDCD), March 2008 - February 2015.
Effects of hearing aid amplification on robust speech coding
(PI: J. Boley), Individual F31 National Research Service Award
Predoctoral Fellowship from NIH (NIDCD), January 2010 - December 2011
Neural Coding of Envelope and Fine Structure in Noise Degraded Speech
(PI: M. Heinz), Purdue Research Foundation, Graduate Student Research Grant (Jayaganesh Swaminathan), June 2009 - May 2010.
The effects of noise-induced hearing loss on across-fiber temporal coding in the auditory nerve
(PI: M. Heinz), Grant-in-Aid from National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation, February 2009 - January 2010
Effects of sensorineural loss on robust speech coding
(PI: M. Heinz), R03 grant from NIH (NIDCD), December 2004 - November 2009
The effects of selective hair-cell damage on temporal envelope coding in the auditory nerve
(PI: M. Heinz), Grant-in-aid from American Hearing Research Foundation, January 2008 - December 2008

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