Earning Academic Credit During Work Sessions

One route for achieving academic credit during work sessions is open to all Co-Op students - you can enroll in any college or university in the vicinity of your work. The arrangements have to be made by you. In order to insure that credit is transferable - you must check this database through Purdue's Transfer Credit Evaluation office. It is part of Admissions and is located in Schleman Hall, Room 102.

First Purdue must decide if the courses you wish to take will be accepted by Purdue for credit. Catalogues from other accredited schools are available in the Credit Evaluation office for students to use in choosing an accredited college and courses. Then you should talk to your academic advisor to ensure that the credits will be accepted in your major. It is a good idea to request this information on multiple courses just in case you get there and certain courses are full. It is also a good idea to have your advisor sign and date your course decisions. The phone number for Transfer Credit Evaluation office is 765-494-6482. It is recommended that you go through this process before you leave campus. If you need to research colleges in your new area, contact the Credit Evaluation Department.

Remember: the credit transfers, not the letter grade ... letter grades only transfer from Purdue's regional campuses. When a student transfers in credit from another university, a course with a Purdue equivalent will appear on the transcript with the Purdue title and with "CR" for a grade; a course without a Purdue equivalent will transfer in as "undistributed" credit.  A course taken at a campus within the Purdue System (IUPUI, IPFW, North Central or Calumet) will appear on the student's Purdue-WL transcript with the title and grade listed by the regional campus.  No transfer credit will affect Purdue-WL indexes.

In some disciplines there are other opportunities for academic credit. Check with your Faculty Coordinator to see what is available in your discipline. To qualify for certain academic credit (such as a "Special Topics" course), you must make arrangements before leaving for your work session.