Be a PAL to Someone from Another Culture!
Employers and agencies participating in the G-PAL program will offer a pair of concurrent international internship positions: one for a student from the target international partner country and one for a student from the U.S. Preferably both students will be housed at the international student’s home for the duration of the assignment abroad. The G-PAL students can also come from two different academic disciplines.
The internships are 3-6 months in duration. The home country student (Home PAL) provides information on housing and local culture to the U.S. student (U.S. PAL). The G-PALs will be recruited and oriented at Purdue University prior to the internship session.
Self-Placement vs. Site Placement

Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Professional Practice (OPP). Evaluation will be based on criteria such as academic achievement and performance, work experience, and other international experience and interests. Site placement students are placed by OPP in either foreign universities and/or foreign companies. Students who opt for self-placement should demonstrate solid linkage through personal connections.  

G-PALs who opted for Self-Placement may be awarded $1000 - $2000 travel assistance per student.
G-PALs who opted for Site Placement may be awarded $500 - $1000 travel assistance per student.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Talk to your families and friends about this program.
Step 2: Find your G-PAL (U.S. / Home) through class/ dorm/ social network. In case of unsuccessful pairing, OPP may provide assistance to help you find a PAL.
Step 3: Download the application form Downloadable Application, and submit as ONE packet to OPP located in Potter Hall Room 114.
Step 4: For SELF-placement applicants, you should work with your employer before applying to the program. Submit your completed application to OPP along with internship description.
Step 5: For SITE-placement applicants, just submit your completed application to OPP.
General Application Deadline: 
1. March 1: Summer/Fall semester internships
2. September 1: Spring/Summer semester internships
For Home PAL
  • Must be in good academic standing (min GPA 2.8)
  • Must locate housing for U.S. PAL and yourself during internship period.
For U.S. PAL
  • Must be in good academic standing (min GPA 2.8)
  • Must invite Home PAL to your home for a visit with your family.
  • Must be minimally fluent in the foreign language of host country (depending on the employment offer).
For the company:
  • Hire two interns at one time (Home PAL and U.S. PAL)
  • Recruit future employee from target country with U.S perspective and U.S. university educational experience
  • Offload administration of student housing and cultural orientation, work permits, and travel arrangements for U.S. students working abroad
  • Hire U.S. interns at the local prevailing salary rate
  • Internationalize/diversify their work environment
For the home country international student (Home PAL):
  • Gain a U.S. friend
  • Obtain domestic internship/work experience 
  • Secure future employment in home country
  • Live at home while working
  • Introduce home country culture to U.S. PAL 
  • Practice English language and learn about U.S. culture
For the U.S. student (U.S. PAL):
  • Gain an international friend
  • Gain global internship/work experience
  • Increase marketability for employment in the U.S.
  • Experience home-stay in foreign culture
  • Gain global competency
  • Practice foreign language
Salary and Benefits:
Both G-PALs receive the equal amount of salary and benefits that are comparable to the host country living standard.  Salary and benefit packages are contingent on negotiations with employers. 
Home PAL will discuss with their family members about living accommodations for the U.S. PAL. The employers are NOT responsible for accommodations in their country. Home PAL is NOT financially responsible for U.S. PAL’s living accommodations. G-PALs should work out a compensation plan for in-country housing.
Travel Cost:
Some companies may provide subsidy to G-PAL’s cost of international travel. OPP also provides limited number of travel assistance on the basis of need.