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C3 :: Customization, Collaboration & Configuration Summit 2005

Across the supply network for Product Realization

Promises to provide you with new knowledge and influence your business strategy!

March 22nd, 2005
Burton Morgan Entrepreneurial center

Purdue University

Today research in product development, manufacturing and supply networks are converging driven by the potential use of information science and technologies. This research coupled with business insight will have a fundamental impact on your competitiveness. Our research and industry relationships are directed to enabling future paradigms by bridging the customer-design-manufacturing gaps through innovative information systems development. All companies that design and provide manufacturing services to develop their products will benefit from it. NETWORK, DISCOVER and INFLUENCE directions of the latest technologies from Purdue Research and Education Center for Information Systems in Engineering (PRECISE). PRECISE research applied to product lifecycle design and manufacturing will be used to explore how to reduce product development costs and time, create and satisfy new markets, leverage and reuse your product and manufacturing knowledge. This year our discussions on major themes will emphasize presentations and demonstrations in product lifecycle applications (PLA) followed up with thematic brainstorming.

This year:

  • Search for parts using sketches
  • Cluster parts and analyze part duplication
  • Enable your customers to participate in the design process
  • Frameworks for customer-driven manufacturing networks
  • Design time supply chain design
  • Evaluate a large number of product architectural decisions at design time
  • Alter and evaluate designs across complex networks at the customers request
  • Enable flexible and re-configurable supply-demand networks

You will be able to participate in new virtual test-bed development with partners in industry. Your enterprises will become more responsive and result in reduced logistical costs.

For more information see, C3 TECHNICAL SUMMIT 2005.
Registration is free, but space is limited. Session program

Infoline: 10am-4pm Eastern Time