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The rapid development of products and services fueled by the convergence of information systems and other technologies marks the beginning of a new age. The explosion in information and network based innovations taking place over the next decade will dwarf all previous market forecasts. The effects of this new age on engineering, especially in product design and manufacturing: from concept through development with suppliers, delivery and maintenance services, are only at the beginning. PRECISE is now positioned to play a key role in innovating for this new age, through research, development and technology transfer at the interface of information technologies, product-process and value chain design. Our research includes development of frameworks and architectures for advice during early design, product shape search, next generation product configuration, and mass customization. We are also actively participating in acting as a catalyst to building design- manufacturing networks and communities. Faculty with various background work with the center based on project needs. They include management, computer engineering and science, psychology, human-computer interfaces and computational linguistics.

Karthik Ramani
Professor and Director

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