National Science Foundation 



Multi-disciplinary Workshop at the Interface of Cyber infrastructure,

and Operations Research, with "Grand Challenges" in

Enterprise-wide Applications in Design, Manufacturing and Services

August 30-31, 2004







Guidelines for Personal Points of View

In preparation for the discussions at the workshop we would like each participant to produce a short statement (1+ page) reflecting their "personal point of view" on operations research (OR -- see and cyber infrastructure (CI -- see the Atkins report at ) and their role in addressing issues related to one of the domains of this workshop. The following questions can be used as guidelines for your statement, but feel free to focus on those questions most relevant to your expertise, and to make additional comments on any issues that you see as relevant to our discussions. The overall goals are to have each participant present a vision of how CI and OR might evolve together, and to address some important needs of applications communities.


What are some key problems in the OR realm that will not be solvable during the next 2-5 years without investment in the relevant CI?

What types of CI are needed to solve these problems?

Do we need elements of CI beyond those described in the Atkins Report?

Is new CI needed, or is it a matter of applying currently available CI and making it accessible to the right groups?

How might CI enable new types of collaborations between OR faculty/researchers and people with closer ties to applications domains?

Are there more manageable problems that can be solved along the way to  addressing the big problems (for example, is there a systematic way to ramp up to full-scale, full-complexity models)?

Are there application areas that have previously looked to OR for formal methods in which solution of more realistic problems will be enabled by CI?

Are there ways in which OR can contribute to the development of CI itself? For instance, in issues of network design, scheduling, resource allocation?

What kinds of research programs would be most effective in making rapid progress toward solving the problems you describe?

Do you have comments on the size and makeup of research teams, how they should be assembled, funding mechanisms and strategies that facilitate the most rapid and cost-effective progress?

What are the economic and social benefits of solving these problems?

How would solution of these problems impact our lives, either directly or as an enabling technology for industry, science, or engineering?