PARCS Alumni

Date Name of Student and Thesis Topic
1997, Masters Barber, D.
  • A Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Method for the Neutron Diffusion Problem in Hexabgonal Geometry
2000, Post-doctoral Researcher Cho, Dr. Jin Young
2003, PhD Gan, Jun
  • Efficient Numerical Solver for Non-linear Coupled Codes
  • Parallel Applications of the USNRC Consolidated Code: TRAC-M
1996, PhD Joo, Han Gyu
  • An Incomplete Domain Decomposition Preconditioning Method for Nonlinear Nodal Spatial Kinetics
2002, Post-doctoral Researcher Kim, Dr. Taek Kyun
2005, PhD Kozlowski, Tomasz
  • Superhomogenization Methods
2002, PhD Lee, Changho
  • A Multi-Level Acceleration Method for the Multigroup SP3 Approximation to the Neutron Transport Equation
2004, PhD Lee, Deokjung
  • Coupled Analysis Of BWR Benchmark
  • High Performance Computing
2002, Post-doctoral Researcher Lee, Hyun Chul
  • TRAC-M/PARCS Application to BWR Stability Analysis
2000, Masters Miller, R. Matt
  • Coupled Thermal-Hydraulic/Neutronic Analyses
2002, Visiting Professor Ragusa, Dr. Jean
2006, PhD Thomas, Justin
2002, Masters Tinkler, Dan
  • Neutronics Design and Analysis of a Simplified Boiling Water Reactor
2005, PhD Zhaopeng, Zhong
  • Benchmark of NEWT/PARCS
  • Coupling DeCART with STAR-CD