New Functionality

  • New Cross Section Model

    The Old Model has limited accuracy and applicability for practical cross section data sets which are multi-dimensional tables (e.g. Ringhalls) New Model performs multi-dimensional interpolation to construct partial derivates This increases the range of applicability and yet preserves applicability of old PARCS XSEC files.
  • Depletion Code System

    In order to minimize the changes to PARCS, a separate code DEPLETOR was developed. The general interface used to couple TH (RELAP5) and PARCS was used to coupled DEPLETOR to PARCS. The message transfer between PARCS and DEPLETOR is performed using the standard message passing interface software PVM. P2DIR, a module to communicate with DEPLETOR, was created in PARCS (only 5 entry points in PARCS).
  • Hexagonal Solution Model

    Needs a description for this...