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A Brief Introduction...

I am a 1998 Ph.D. graduate of Purdue University in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, In 1999 I took the position of Lab Manager for Digital and Systems Laboratories for the School of ECE at Purdue University. In Spring 2012 my title was upgraded to Director of Instructional Laboratories.

I supervise the ECE337 ASIC Design Lab, ECE437 Computer Architecture Prototyping Lab, and ECE364 Software Engineering Tools Lab. I co-advise project teams in ECE477 Digital Systems Senior Design Project.  In addition, I support and maintain many of the electronic design automation tools used in ECE, and am involved in the development and modernization of laboratories for the VLSI and Computer Engineering areas of ECE.

Outside of Purdue, I am active with MSE (Microelectronics Systems Education) which is now the education track of GLSVLSI (Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI), and EWME (European Workshop on Microelectronics Education). From 2004 to 2012 I was chair of the Purdue ECE Instructional Innovation Group (EI2G)