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    Group Holiday World Trip, August 2010

    Group Canoe Trip/Picnic, August 2009

    We went to Turkey Run State park and had a three hour canoe trip. We then got together in the park for a picnic with group members and their families. As you can see we have a lot of kids in our lab, 13 altogether including a few not pictured here. See if you can find the members who weren't looking at the camera and got touched up in post processing!

    Turkey Run


    Group Lunch at IMS 2009

    At IMS 2009 we had a group lunch at Legal Seafood's to celebrate the 20 papers accepted from Purdue. This included 11 from Prof. Chappell's group, and others from Prof. Peroulis, Prof. Jiao, Prof. Jung, and Prof. Mohammadi.

    IMS lunch


    Farewell Dinner - John Mastarone

    To celebrate John's graduation in December of 2006 many members went to the Gaza Korean Grill in West Lafayette. (Top Row: Prof. Chappell, his wife Christine Chappell, Seong Wook Moon, Caleb Fulton, his fiancee Hillary Keene, Himanshu Joshi; Middle Row: Angel Fish, Chin-Lung Yang, Jason Warner; Bottom Row: John Mastarone, Eric Hoppenjans, Hjalti Sigmarsson, his wife Hulda Johannsdottir, Meng Yu, his wife Ying Zhang)

    HKN Turkey Contest

    Prof. Chappell 'won' the Eta Kappa Nu Turkey contest in Fall 2005. Here he is with the group in his turkey costume. Proceeds from the penny wars style contest bought 15 full thanksgiving dinners for less fortunate families in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area. (Left to right: Evelyn Rice, Andrew Christianson, Himanshu Joshi, John Mastarone, Chin-Lung Yang, Prof. Chappell, Hjalti Sigmarsson, Wei Xu, Eric Hoppenjans, Justin Henrie, Yuehui Ouyang)



    Indiana Pacers Game

    In Fall 2005 several of us attended a Pacers game in Indianapolis. Here is part of the halftime show.




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