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    Eric E. Hoppenjans - Graduate Research Assitant


    B.S. - Purdue University, 2001
    M.S. - Purdue University, 2005
    Ph.D. (Candidate) - Purdue University, Current


    Advanced packaging for microwave applications, metamaterials, and dielectric resonator applications and circuits.



    Refereed Journal Articles

    Z. N. Wing, J. W. Halloran, W. Han She, X. Gong, E. Hoppenjans, and W. J. Chappell, "Fabrication and Properties of an Anisotropic TiO2 Dielectric," J. American Ceramic Society, vol. 89, no. 9, pp. 2812-2815, Sept. 2006.
    [2] X. Gong, W. H. She, E. E. Hoppenjans, Z. N. Wing, R. G. Geyer, J. W. Halloran, W. J. Chappell,
    "Tailored and Anisotropic Dielectric Constants Through Porosity in Ceramic Components," IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory and Tech., Vol. 53, pp.3638 – 3647, Nov. 2005.
    Conference Papers
    [1] W. H. She, E. E. Hoppenjans, W. J. Chappell "Embedded Dielectric Resonator Filter in Layered Polymer Packaging" IEEE MTT-S Digest, pp.261 – 264, June 2005
    [2] E. E. Hoppenjans, W. H. She, W. J. Chappell "A Dielectric Resonator Buried in a Layered Polymer Package" IMAPS 38th Annual Symposium on Microelectronics, September 2005.
    [3] E. E. Hoppenjans, W. J. Chappell “High Value Passive Component Integration in LTCC Technology” Accepted for publication MTT-S International Microwave Symposium 2007.
    [4] E. E. Hoppenjans, W. J. Chappell, " The use of high Q toroid inductors for LTCC integrated tunable VHF filters," IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, June 2009, pp. 905-908.


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