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    This page shows our presence at some of the conferences we've attended. We've had Purdue University booths on the exhibition floor at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium since 2007.



    IMS 2010

    Sungwook Moon and Juseop Lee at the Student Paper Competition

    Sungwook Moon and a judge at the Student Paper Competition

    Juseop Lee and a student at the Student Paper Competition

    Eric Naglich and judges at the Student Paper Competition

    Eric Hoppenjans at the student reception

    The IDEAS team at the student awards luncheon

    Eric Naglich receiving the Student Paper Competition 2nd place award

    IMS 2009

    IMS Booth

    IMS Booth

    IMS Booth

    IMS Booth


    IMS 2008

    IMS 2008 Booth



    IMS 2007

    IMS 2007 Booth




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