Tenure-Track Faculty 3-Year Review and Reappointment

Assistant Professors at Purdue University are hired under an initial three-year contract and receive annual performance reviews during that time, after which the contract is normally renewed for an additional three-year period. The third-year annual review factors into the renewal decision for the additional three-year period (during which the complete promotion and tenure promotion review process takes place).

Annual reviews provide opportunity for feedback and are an integral part of the faculty mentoring process.  The reviews are to be adequately documented with written and oral feedback to the candidate, documented to the file, and forwarded to the Dean’s office.

The third-year annual review and reappointment process is outlined as follows:

1) For the third-year annual review, Assistant Professors will prepare their annual review material (in a format similar to the promotion document) with the help of their Head.

2) The material is reviewed by the Primary Committee of the School, which provides critical and constructive feedback to the Head.

3) The Head will take into consideration all information, provide written and oral feedback to the candidate, and, typically, renew the contract for an additional three-year period.  In the absence of a decision not to renew, the contract shall be renewed. 

4) In the unlikely event that the Primary Committee and the Head do not recommend contract renewal, the Head will consult with the Dean’s office immediately.  All pertinent documentation, including Primary Committee feedback, and the Head’s written feedback will be made available to the Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

5) If the Head and the Dean decide not to renew the three-year contract, the faculty member will be given a one-year extension of the initial contract to allow the faculty member to transition to another position.  During this year the faculty member will be expected to continue to perform all pertinent faculty duties.


Approved by the EAPC March 31, 2005