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The Reporting Stage


Near the end of the Kaizen (usually 1 week or less), the teams come together and present their solutions to the Executive Steering Team, with all teams present. The Executive Steering Team makes decisions on the path forward.

Successful solutions will be piloted on projects and results will be measured and improved. Where successful, solutions will be standardized and deployed, with governance, to sustain the improvement. Governance will deploy management by standards (procedures, work instructions, etc.).

Teams will define how to sustain improvements by including them in best practice standards that (as described above) have been authoritatively derived by the skills and stakeholders representing the entire company, with consideration of their collective experience, industry recommendations, principles and actual circumstances faced by the company. They will be authoritative, stewarded and not optional for project teams. Access, measurement and auditing will be established to assure utilization and continuous improvement.

Work process

There will be continuous improvement in using the new skills and there will be job descriptions in the company to include improvement. At Purdue University, the improvements, as appropriate, will be built into course curricula at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

This process is repeated within each client to enable market-dominating performance excellence by early, diligent pursuit.

Solutions may be the development of improved work processes. They may also establish criteria for development of advanced equipment and related work processes to utilize it. Where advanced equipment or technology is involved, intellectual property and resulting benefits will be shared as determined equitably by the team members. Appropriate specifics will be established precisely as the opportunities are defined and intellectual, financial and management resources are brought together.