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Shweta Singh Expertise

Shweta Singh is an Assistant Professor at Purdue University in Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) and Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE). She received her B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, BHU (IIT-BHU), India in 2006, Masters of Applied Statistics  (2011) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (2012), both from The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH . From 2012-2013, she was a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in residence with Western Ecology Division of US Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) and from 2013-2014 she was a postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Her research is inspired by her motivation to save wild spaces and natural systems so that future generation can rejoice the wonders of exploring the wild while maintaining an industry supported life. Hence, her work is focused on methodological development to design Sustainable Industrial-Natural Coupled Systems (SINCS) specifically developing mathematical models to study and design interactions of industrial systems with biogeochemical cycles of C, N and P. She is also passionate about education and designs puzzles that imparts game based sustainable engineering education for K-12 students.