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Somali Chaterji receives NSF CAREER award

Somali Chaterji receives NSF CAREER award

Event Date: January 6, 2022
Prof. Somali Chaterji, recipient of the NSF CAREER Award in 2022
Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Somali Chaterji, and CRISP Affiliate Faculty has won the prestigious NSF CAREER award from the Computing Directorate (CISE). Her project is titled "Robust and Adaptive Streaming Analytics for Sensorized Farms: Internet-of-Small-Things to the Rescue".

Sirius makes machine learning (ML) feasible for the Internet of Small Things (IoST) world by creating a compute fabric that is adaptive to cyber and physical conditions, providing prompt actuation while being resilient to failures.

“We live in an increasingly sensorized world generating a deluge of streaming data, both low- and high-bandwidth,” said Chaterji, who also serves as director of the Innovatory for Cells and Neural Machines (ICAN) and on the leadership team for WHIN (Wabash Heartland Innovation Network) Digital Ag. “An example of high-bandwidth data is video from drone surveillance. Leveraging data effectively from this continuum of sensors, static and mobile, we can convert data to decisions. This can go a long way in solving the food and ecological problems faced by the planet today.”

The grant of $550,000 comes from the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Program and is meant for the period February 2022-January 2027.

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