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Google Infrastructure Team addresses CRISP researchers

Google Infrastructure Team addresses CRISP researchers

Author: Vivek Chudasama
Event Date: October 17, 2022
Google Infrastructure Team talk by Dr. Liqun Cheng
Google Infrastructure and Dr. Liqun Cheng
Dr. Liqun Cheng of the Google Infrastructure Team led by Dr. Rama Govindaraju, engaged in a session with CRISP researchers on a broad ranging set of topics related to design and development of hardware and software infrastructures at worldwide scale. He discussed Google's products and engineering challenges, industry and technology trends, some notable successes, and the challenges and opportunities ahead. He ended with their current hiring needs.

Dr. Liqun Cheng gave a presentation which cast a valuable bird's eye view of the tech landscape in hardware and software infrastructures at large scales. His presentation covered work being done by the Google Infrastructure Team. This team is responsible for quite a bit of the hardware, system software, and infrastructure software that supports Google services and applications, many at very large scales.

The broad-ranging talk gave an insight into the Google designs and deployments for systems at worldwide scale. There were startling insights into the tech trends that are bringing out open research challenges for people in the business of developing hardware and software infrastructures. For example, the network capability has been growing much faster than compute as has the volume and rate of data.

The talk concluded with a set of open research topics that should be of great interest to many of us. It also laid out hiring opportunities in their team for these ongoing and forthcoming projects.


[ Zoom recording (MP4) ]