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CRISP Student Competition culminates with four award winners

CRISP Student Competition culminates with four award winners

Author: Vivek Chudasama
Event Date: September 1, 2022
From L to R: Kananart, Jay, Saurabh (CRISP Director), Arvind, Akash
From L to R: Ignacio Laguna (LLNL), Mischa Dohler (Ericsson), Fahad Arshad (VMWare)
The finalists of the CRISP Student Research Competition 2021-22 presented their visions and research ideas to an industry panel of judges on September 1. From this, the winner, the runner up, and the two honorable mentions were decided. Congratulations to Arvind Sundaram (first prize), Jayoung Lee (runner up), and Akash Melachuri and Kananart Kuwaranancharoen (honorable mentions).

The CRISP Student Research Competition was kickstarted in Fall 2021 with participants submitting short statements of their research visions and project progress. This was judged by a panel of industry judges to identify the four finalists who had to present their ideas. Due to the pandemic, we could not have these presentations till now.

On September 1, the four finalists made their presentations to a panel of industry and government judges, who were remote:

  • Fahad Arshad, VMWare
  • Ignacio Laguna, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Mischa Dohler, Ericsson

Another member of the judging panel, who had evaluated the submissions, but was not present at the final, was Claudio Basile from Google.

The four finalists were present in person at Purdue. After a set of wonderful presentations and vigorous Q&A, the judges provided their score sheets. The award winners were determined based on this and it came down as follows.


  • Arvind Sundaram
    Cyber-physical resilience
    "Embedded Intelligence With Covert Cognizance (C2)"

Runner up:

  • Jayoung Lee
    Cyber-physical resilience
    "Benchmarking Video Object Detection Systems on Embedded Devices under Resource Contention"

Honorable mentions:

  • Akash Melachuri
    Cyber-physical Resilience
    "ApproxLive: Benchmarking Frontend and Backend for Approximate Video Object Detection"


  • Kananart Kuwaranancharoen
    Cyber resilience
    "Distributed Byzantine-resilient Optimization"