How to Remotely Access Aero Lab/Study Space Computers

How to Remotely Access Aero Lab/Study Space Computers

Looking for a way to access the Aero lab and Study Space computers from afar? Please find a helpful handout below to help you have access remotely. 

See the following message from ECN about the AppsAnywhere software:

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the return to campus for many of you, we at ECN are introducing a new software service this fall for students in the College of Engineering. 

This service is called AppsAnywhere from Software2. It is available at the following URL.


We are initially providing this software to undergraduate students in AAE, ME, CE, and ChE, but will be expanding the scope across all of the College of Engineering in the future. Currently, access will only be provided to undergraduate students within these four programs.

You can access this URL directly from On-Campus networks or via the Purdue VPN connections from Off-Campus. This software is intended to run on your personal computer.

 AppsAnywhere will provide a portal to allow you access to many of the applications you currently run in the Engineering Labs at Purdue.  Some of this software is already available for you to download directly to your personally owned computers.  In these cases we will provide links to the download pages when you request an application.

Here is a quick (1 minute) intro video to AppsAnywhere that provides an overview of the software.


When you first log into the portal, you will be directed to download and install the AppsAnywhere client based on your operating system. 

Many titles which have been available in the Engineering Labs are, or will be, available via AppsAnywhere.

You can run any application in the AppsAnywhere portal from a Windows 10 client. The applications will run locally on Windows clients and use the computing power of the local host. 

On MacOS clients, the applications will run on servers located on the Purdue campus.  Applications not requiring dedicated GPU support are currently available to MacOS clients. Applications that require dedicated GPU support will not be available to MacOS clients until later in the semester.  We have ordered servers to provide this function, but there is a delay in the delivery. 

We will continue to add software titles as the semester progresses, and as needs AND licensing permit.  Some software, like Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, cannot be provided due to license restrictions by the vendor.

If you have issues with, or questions about, the software, please use the following URL to request help.