Research Poster Competition


The Amelia Earhart Aerospace Summit would like to showcase some the fascinating and diverse research that students perform in the field of aerospace. Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate students and Undergraduate students from all institutions are invited to present their posters at the summit. Prizes will be awarded to the top submissions, based on results of judging during the summit.

* You are not required to register for the summit to present your poster (although you will have to be there to present), but it is highly recommended!

Subject Matter:

As this is an Aerospace conference, we would like to limit the submissions to aerospace-related research. This includes (but is not limited to): propulsion, materials, aerodynamics, planetary science, space habitats, aviation, astronomy, etc. If you are unsure about a submission, please submit it anyway!


Electronically submit a copy of your poster to The committee organizers will select appropriate submissions for display at the summit. The poster must be 36”x48” – landscape or portrait orientations are both acceptable.

Purdue University students: are required to print own poster and bring it to the summit themselves.

Visiting students: have the option of printing at home institution or submitting it to be printed by Purdue (for free).


The deadline to submit is September 15, 2019.