Research Art Competition


Students perform incredible research daily all around the country and the world. While much of it involves tedious calculations and long hours in front of a computer, once in a while something incredibly beautiful emerges. To showcase some the fascinating and diverse research that students perform, we are inviting students to submit works of “art” created during their research. Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate students and Undergraduate students from all institutions may submit their research-related images, photographs, models, short videos, sculptures, and simulations, to be exhibited at the Amelia Earhart Aerospace Summit. Prizes will be awarded to the top submissions, based on results of judging (on both artistic and technical merit) during the summit.

* You are not required to attend the event to submit your research art, but it is highly recommended!

Subject Matter:

As this is an Aerospace conference, we would like to limit the submissions to aerospace-related research. This includes (but is not limited to): propulsion, materials, aerodynamics, planetary science, space habitats, aviation, astronomy, etc. If you are unsure about a submission, please submit it anyway!


Electronically submit a high-resolution image or video of your work with your name, affiliation, a caption, and a brief explanation of the work to The committee organizers will select appropriate submissions for display at the summit.


The deadline to submit is September 15, 2019.